Gallery Massage and Skincare Studio searches and strives to find quality products. Sanitas is the main line we use. We do carry a few other one off products but Sanitas is a big part of our skincare line and skincare services. All products are available for sale at gallery Massage and Skincare. Read more to learn more about sanitas and how it can help your skin.

Sanitas Products and its Skincare Benefits

Sanitas is known for its range of trusted skin care and maintenance products ensuring a healthy, radiant glow and youthful appeal. The Gallery Massage Studio invests in quality Sanitas ranges to ensure our clients experience a beautiful, smooth and supple complexion wherever they go. Learn of each product type and the benefits it offers.

Cleansers and Scrubs

Sanitas offers a wide range of cleansers and scrubs including a glycolic citrus cleanser with hyaluronic acid to control premature aging and reveal smooth radiant skin. Scrubs including lemon and milk and honey cleaners leave skin smooth while mildly fragrant. Vitamin C lactic and moisturizing cleansers combine science and technology to produce a unique product range that is gentle on skin yet produces powerful effects.


Toners help close the pores after cleansing and scrubbing. Sanitas cleaners include glycosolutions of varying percentages, serving to hydrate and brighten the skin while promoting skin rejuvenation.


The serum age perfecting range is beneficial for intense hydration including a restorative serum for men.


Sanitas has developed a line of moisturizers suitable for every skin type. Vitamin C based solutions including oil free, balancing and sensitive skin creams can address the specific requirements of clients.


Masks include natural ingredients such as pumpkin, papaya and pineapple. Tea tree masks provide antibacterial properties against blemishes while revitalize masks help enhance overall complexions by creating smooth and supple appeal.


Each treatment serves a specific skin prevention and treatment purpose. Retinol creams can diminish fine lines while clarifying treatments assist in brightening your overall appeal and improving dark marks. Peptiderm eye treatments encourage a refreshed look by reducing overall dark marks and puffiness.


Sanitas exfoliants include clarifying creams, glycolic solutions, and therapeutic cleansing pads. Traditional scrubs assist in removing the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the softer skin below while cleansing pads make exfoliation convenient.

Sun Protection

Investing in a sunscreen is imperative to prevent sun spots, premature aging, and fine lines. Sanitas offers a Solar Block range that is a broad spectrum, natural sunblock lotion.

Eye Treatments

Keeping the delicate skin under your eyes firm and smooth is best achieved with quality product. Dark circles and a tired appearance are improved with vita K eye cream. Peptiderm serum prevents wrinkles, restores collagen and provides optimum protection against wrinkles and fine lines.

Body Care

Sanitas offers an entire body care and skin maintenance range including vitamin C washes, hand care and a milk and honey body scrub. The natural ingredients are combined with advanced skincare solutions to protect against aging, environmental exposure and dirt.

Nutritionally Advanced Care

Blemish prone skin leaves scars and marks that are difficult to manage. Supplements offering balanced nutrition assist in reducing acne breakouts and its detrimental impact on the skin.

Shaving Range

Sanitas includes a modern shaving range including a body wash, a shaving cream and after shave serum.

The Gallery Massage Studio at 3919 Tennysen street includes a range of Sanitas products for quality skincare solutions. Keep your skin radiant, smooth and even-toned with the correct regime and wellness efforts.

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