Consider Us Your Personal Chakra

Gallery Massage and Skincare studio was established in 2016 by local owners Brian Herrmann and Massage Therapist Christa Gallo. Christa has been in the spa business for 18+ years, leaving an award-winning spa in Denver to start Gallery Massage & Skincare Studio, located on Tennyson Street in North Denver.  We have committed our time to create a team of professionals with the same views and ethics of bodywork and skincare.

At Gallery, our Therapists and Estheticians thrive to bring you the service your body, soul and skin want in a treatment. We dedicate and customize each service for you. Every body is an individual and at Gallery we know your time is valuable so “finding what you’re looking for” is what we create for you in one location. Our services take you into a deeper healing state of mind, working through what you need out of it.

Meet Our Team

Alisha Dawn Mackenzie

Massage Therapist since 2012

I love the boundless story that living life and time tells within each persons body. Our bodies tell a story that I feel I can help

innate · strong  · effluence

Stephani Hunter

Massage Therapist since 1993

I use gravity and mobilizing techniques to introduce length and space to habitually held areas in the body as a whole.

thorough · expansive  · rejuvenating

Laura Messier

Massage Therapist since 2018

My goal is to support your body, mind, and spirit in its own self-healing.

Creative · Intuitive · Integrative

Jill Vigliotti

Esthetician Since 2020

Restore · Rejuvenate · Refresh

Holly Kappius

Esthetician 2022

I had skincare problems most of my adult life, I wanted to know what I was doing wrong and learn from it. I love sharing what I know, and how I can help!

Glowing · Softness · Clarify

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