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Deep Tissue is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing muscle tension. Trigger, Sports & Fire cupping upon request.

Massages are well documented for its exceptional physical and mental support. From deep relaxation and a sense of rejuvenation, to reducing hypertension, this ancient natural practice is more than your average spa treatment. Exploring the top health benefits of deep tissue massage, discover how this non-invasive practice can produce lasting well-being.

Top Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Massages are practiced across the world and remain the most sought-after therapy. For athletes, the manipulation of soft tissue alleviates sprains and strains while its soothing properties are most appreciated by those suffering from chronic stress or joint pain.

Deep tissue massage involves the intensive and slow application of pressure to the muscles. It does not include limb stretching by the delivery of a deep manual thrust to soft tissues. Delivered by a certified masseuse, the experience of overall relaxation promotes positive sensations through the physiological release of endorphins. Endorphins are the natural hormones produced by the body that leave a pleasurable feeling.

Deep tissue massage promotes relaxation. Stress is the single leading cause for muscle tension, hypertension, and cognitive difficulties. Stress has both a physiological and psychological impact. Seeking scheduled deep tissue massages can eliminate the experience of tense muscles and the influence stress has on your mental well-being. Therapists apply deep pressure, relieving constraints and leaving clients with a true sense of relaxation.

For recreational training, exercise, and professional athletes, deep tissue massage has become an important supportive practice.

  •      The muscles, ligaments and tendons suffer microtears during intensive performance. Massages encourage relaxed tissues while delivering nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues by circulation. The nutrients recover affected muscles faster.
  •      It minimizes scar tissue and supports muscle mobilization.
  •      Regular deep tissue massage can reduce high blood pressure naturally.
  •      Hypertension increases risk of stroke and heart failure but deep massage, relaxes the mind and body, supporting positive coping strategies for reducing hypertension.


30 minutes - $45.00
60 minutes - $90.00
90 minutes - $120.00
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Cannabis Lotion (CBD)

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We make our own blend of non-psychoactive CBD with Shea Butter. Help lower inflammation, calm the circulatory system and boost your immune system.


Where to Find Deep Tissue Massage

For a professional, supportive deep tissue massage, visit the Gallery Massage Studio, 3919 Tennyson Street Denver, Colorado. Experience the incredible health benefits this natural approach offers for physiological well-being and a true sense of mental rejuvenation.

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