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If smooth skin is what you require, look no further. This facial starts with a Dermaplane treatment, followed by products from our Ageless line by Image Skincare. Relax with an upper shoulder massage and IMAGE cooling collagen sheet mask.

Why Is A Dermaplane Facial Good For Skin

Dermaplaning is a safe, advanced skin enhancement procedure. The desire to maintain a beautiful complexion and protect against dermal problems has led to alternative treatments targeting fine lines while improving appearance. The derma-plane facial is an effective skin maintenance solution. Incorporating a non-invasive technique, your day spa therapist helps to transform the condition of your skin. Learn why this innovative approach has become a highly sought-after cosmetic solution.

Dermaplaning involves exfoliation of the skin using a medical scalpel to shave at the upper dermis. The shaving motion lifts excess debris in the form of skin cells and fine hairs along the face. While it might sound intimidating, the derma facial is safe and most effective in addressing acne scars, premature aging and is a non-surgical approach to smoothing the skin.

To receive your dermaplaning treatment, visit your certified massage studio. A qualified therapist familiar in derma-facials best implements the technique. The use of sterile tools is safe in the removal of excess sebum, dead tissue and fuzz along the cheeks, forehead and chin. This unique approach to enhancing your complexion, offers a multitude of beauty and skincare benefits.

  • The purpose of dermaplaning is to act as an alternative exfoliation technique. By eliminating micro pollutants and surface debris, it encourages the deeper penetration of hydrating and cleansing facial products.
  • Better absorption of creams, gels and the removal of surface oils can delay the aging process.
  • Slight, light hairs that grow on the face are responsible for capturing micro-particles of dirt and debris. Hair fuzz can clog pores and increase risk of breakouts. It accelerates premature aging and severely affects a smooth, youthful complexion. By removing the fuzz and dirt responsible for problems, your skin becomes easier to manage.
  • With facials performed by a professional spa therapist, dermaplaning is safe and produces remarkable skin transformations.
  • You do not have to take time off work and may resume regular activities upon completion of the facial.

When in Colorado, visit your local day spa for exceptional derma-plane facials.

The professional technique delivered by your dermaplane professional will not cause dark, coarse hair to grow on your face. The fuzz removed will remain light and soft upon re-growth.

Only trust the services of a reputable therapist. This ensures the procedure is performed correctly.

Some patients experience minor forms of peeling skin. This is a normal part of the dermaplaning process. Always consult with your professional therapist to learn of hydrating solutions to use after a facial.

The non-invasive approach to enhancing the beauty of your skin can minimize fine lines, reduce the appearance of acne scars and support a striking complexion. Make your appointment today and discover how the latest skin improvement technique can transform your appearance.


Express - $75.00
60 minutes - $135.00
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Where to Get a Dermaplane Facial

For an affordable, safe and effective facial enhancement solution, contact your derma-facial therapist. Visit 3919 Tennyson Street, located right next to Vital Root for a comprehensive consultation. Derma-plane professionals must be sought to perform the procedure.

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