Choreographed Movement

A four handed massage managed by two massage therapists provide a rhythmic application from your head to your limbs. Allow the therapists to create a coordinated plan by gently moving their hands along the body, increasing and decreasing pressure as they move along. It is incredibly relaxing and recommended for persons seeking a reduction in stress, tension, headaches, muscle stiffness and chronic aches.

Experience Deep Relaxation with a Professional Four Handed Massage

The most common reason for seeking a massage is to experience relaxation. The deeply soothing procedure helps you cope with stress, clears your mind and encourages healing through soft tissue support. A traditional massage involves consultation with a masseuse in a spa or therapeutic setting. The four handed massage is performed by two therapists providing the added benefits of all over physical relaxation and mental rejuvenation. Learn how our incredible technique will help you reach your health goals.

While two heads are always better than one, four hands are certainly better than two. Having a four-handed massage is professional and unlike any other relaxation experience. If you suffer from regular headaches or feel your body is tense, sore and stiff; the massages performed by two therapists will address the limitations and provide incredible relief. Synchronized techniques assist the mind and body to release the tensions that are responsible for problematic function.

If you are placed under physiological constraints and need to clear your mind, seek a professional four handed massage. The therapy is natural, non-invasive and supportive for emotional and physical well-being.

Sore, stiff and tense muscles are best relieved with a four handed massage. Professional athletes and vigorous training can place tremendous strain on the function of the soft tissues. A four handed massage delivers synchronized technique to address areas of tension and physical stress. The whole body is treated producing tissue relaxation at the deepest levels.

Four handed massages encourage full body circulation. Increased blood flow carries higher levels of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The nutritional content provides the tissues what it needs to facilitate healing and encourage well-being. If you have suffered muscle strain, experience frequent headaches or degeneration of the joints, this approach will encourage natural healing and tissue strength.

The deepest relaxation is achieved with four handed massages. Therapists create routine movement while kneading, massaging and pressing the skin. The muscles immediately go into a state of relaxation allowing the mind to follow suit.


60 minutes - $110.00

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Rain Drop Treatment

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Herbal Body Wrap

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Cannabis Lotion (CBD)

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Where To Find Four Handed Massages

Visit the Gallery Massage Studio at 3919 Tennyson Street Denver, Colorado. Our experienced and highly skilled massage therapists deliver synchronized technique ensuring relaxation, rejuvenation and all-over well-being. It aligns mind and body function that will have you leaving our studio with a new lease on life.

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