Here’s an Idea!!
Switch it up this year for Valentines Day. You might think we’re crazy but here we go… Get your man a Facial!! It can be an early present from you to him, that leaves his face shining and bright all the way to the Valentines date night.

Now, this might take some convincing it might take some explaining on why men should get facials too. We need your help ladies. Facials are not just for women! Trust me it will be worth it for you and him, I mean we have to think long-term for our partner’s skin if they will not, am I right. I know this shouldn’t be another thing you have to do, (I mean you probably need a facial of your own) but it’s worth it, keep reading on if you need more info to get your man’s skin glowing as you want it. But if all else fails we will be here if you want to get yourself a Facial.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Having a Men’s Facial

Turning back the clock on aging and maintaining a youthful appeal the natural way, are best achieved with a professional men’s facial.
No matter how disciplined or which skincare products you apply, investing in a professional facial offers a multitude of aesthetic and healthcare benefits. While most men are opposed to the idea of having a routine cleaning, the new age of investing in your well-being includes using cosmetics with age-defying ingredients, balanced lifestyles, and masculine maintenance. Looking at the benefits of men’s facials assists in making the right decisions for a smooth, blemish free and easy to manage complexion.

What is a Men’s Facial?

A facial for men is associated with the unique needs of the male population including applications to address spots, razor burn, uneven skin tone, and a poor complexion. It involves the layering of specialized ingredients applied to the face and neck to address specific skin problems. It is delivered in a spa or therapeutic setting by an aesthetician or certified professional.

The Benefits of a Men’s Facial:

Controls Blemishes

If you suffer from the odd breakout, a monthly facial helps unclog pores and clear skin prone to blemishes. Expertly applied facials incorporate spot targeting and pore clearing ingredients. It helps minimize large pores and restore skin balance to prevent excess oil production and inflammation responsible for acne.

Hydrates All Skin Types Deeply and Effectively

Whether your skin is dry, oily or combination, a deeply nourishing and fully hydrating application is important. Your therapist will determine the best product combinations based on an assessment of the dermis. Creams and exfoliators containing vitamin enriched solutions provide the cells and tissues what it needs to replenish and rehydrate. It can address minor scarring, a dull complexion and delays the aging process.

The Gallery Massage and Skincare Studio In Denver, Colorado, delivers an amazing facial with quality care, soothing application and relaxation.

Exfoliation for Clear Smooth skin

Exfoliation is provided to clear pores and remove surface dirt and debris responsible for a tired and dull complexion. Exfoliation is combined with a gentle massage to improve blood flow and produce a smooth, even-toned skin.


Relaxation is associated with the application of facials. The practitioner will apply the product with smooth strokes, gently massage your face and increase circulation. It is relaxing and rejuvenating while delivering nutrients and oxygen to the cells for healing and suppleness. If you are feeling stressed, a facial massage combined with its hydrating and supportive properties will prove soothing and relieving.

Maintenance Made Easy

If your skin has suffered damage or not looking too great, facials are not only beneficial at a cellular level but at an educational one. A therapist will advise clients on the correct product use and simple ways of applying skincare.

Visit the Gallery Massage Studio for Your Skincare Needs

The Gallery Massage and Skincare Studio offers incredible men’s facials. A professional application is soothing, manages a youthful complexion and incorporates nourishing ingredients that are deeply hydrating. Visit us at 3919 Tennyson Street Denver Colorado and experience a masculine facial like no other.