The Owner of Gallery Massage and Skincare Christa Gallo just became an Aunt as her sister just recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Cora Jensen. Giving Birth Is an exciting time but also a stressful time. Find out why getting a prenatal massage is good for you and your baby.

Amazing Health Reasons to Receive a Prenatal Massage

Pregnant moms experience a series of physical changes during the development of their unborn baby. From headaches and swollen feet to severe back pain, the daily aches and strain can prove difficult to manage. Receiving massages during pregnancy is a wonderful way to cope with these changes and relieve many difficult symptoms. Regardless of what stage of pregnancy you are in, receiving a prenatal massage offers soothing support for the mind and body.

What is a Prenatal Massage?

The prenatal massage differs from a traditional Swedish or deep tissue massage. It involves the gentle application of manual therapy along the soft tissues and joints. Expecting moms lie comfortably on their side or preferred position while the professional prenatal massage therapist applies the supportive technique.

Discover the Incredible Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy places strain on physical balance with much stress and tension on the back, shoulders, spine and pelvis. Massages while pregnant provide a natural means for moms to cope with physiological constraints. When your body is not what it used to be an increased discomfort occurs with the growing baby, receiving a supportive prenatal massage can work wonders for your overall well-being.

Alleviates Back Pain

Lower to mid back pain is highly prevalent in pregnant women. Receiving a non-invasive massage, eases pain and can restore minor joint and tissue alignment.

Manages Emotional Imbalances

Significant changes in pregnant individuals can increase the risk of depression. Receiving regular prenatal massages soothes the body and the mind for healthy ways of coping.

Promotes Rest and Relaxation

Prenatal massages assist pregnant moms with sleep and deep relaxation.
Massages during pregnancy alleviate stress and hypertension.

Encourages Blood Flow

The prenatal massage improves blood circulation, assisting with recovery and relief from restricting symptoms.

Where can I find Prenatal Massage?

The Gallery Massage Studio delivers professional and supportive prenatal massage. Practitioners treat expecting moms with exceptional care and respect ensuring they receive the full benefits of such a naturally supportive procedure. Visit us at 3919 Tennyson Street Denver Colorado and receive a beautifully tailored pregnancy massage for the benefit of moms and their babies.

Come check out Gallery Massages and enjoy the custom prenatal pillow that allows you to lay on your stomach.

We LOVE mamas. See you soon.

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